Why you are wrong about your staff engagement

Here’s the truth, whatever you think about your staff engagement right now is incomplete. People are complicated. What is inspiring in the one moment is a guilt trip the next. Between family, whatsapp groups, dental appointments and demanding in-laws – it’s no surprise that staff may or may not be in the mood to pay […]

Here’s a surprise: Mobile consumers WANT to share your message!

People on mobile love to share. That may not come as a surprise to you; but the scale of it might. Our team has learned that one mobile user, can voluntarily share a piece of content with up to 200 friends if incentivised to do so. We have seen this trend¬†on many¬†branded mobile content items. […]

Youth Unemployablity – Can mobile help?

The pandemic of youth unemployment is a global phenomenon. In South Africa, it is a problem that threatens the very fabric of a young and diverse society. We at SeeSayDo firmly believe that innovation coupled with market-appropriate technology can help solve the daily challenges experienced by the global majority. The immense challenge of youth unemployment […]