Developed and implemented with your audience being the focus

Users choose where they want to engage, what they want to engage with and how they want to engage.

Audiences get to choose

As an audience member, you get to choose how to engage and get rewarded in a simple easy-to-use platform

Keep informed and/or learn

Know what's happening, how it is happening and when it is happening. Improve your skills and gain knowledge to expand your horizons. Get served bite sized engaging content through a virtual ambassador/tutor who will be with you throughout the process to guide you.

Have your say

Give feedback, have discussions and obtain clarity on the information you receive. Improve your understanding and challenge yourself with exciting interactive assessments. And if you are still unsure, have a knowledge expert on hand with the BOT.

Get things done

Apply the principles that you have learned by performing tasks. Track your progress while getting rewarded for your achievements. Compete with your colleagues and see who is highest on the leader board. Redeem vouchers and gifts for the effort you have put in.