Imagine a Training BOT that can naturally interact with your employees using Cognitive Services that will engage and train employees to drive Behavioural Change becoming a virtual tutor/digital subject matter expert.

The rise of conversational training and engagement AI

The next phase of technological advancement is how we interact with technology. Embrace this as the New User Interaction method that takes a BOT to a whole new level. Provide an intelligent, enterprise-grade eLearning BOT that will help you to enrich your employee training and engagement.

Our Training Bot Framework is powered by a sophisticated content engine that drives media rich content engagements, assessment, surveys, gamification and incentivization. Content friendly with an Authoring Tool that enables you to deliver learning paths and engagements to your audiences. Engagement dashboards and monitoring tools for measurability of ROI.

BOT Teams

Engage your audience where they are through this omni-channel UI

Training Chatbot/BOT that is available on multiple channel including

Artificial Intelligence used to augment Human Intelligence

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Virtual Tutor

Build conversational training and engagement experiences.

Allow employees to interact and learn through natural language (BOT will self-learn and improve its interaction).

Virtual Subject Matter Expert

Take your knowledge expert with you

Have a knowledge expert on hand in the bot using AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) service allowing the digital expert (BOT) to answer questions through a natural conversational layer on your content.

Retain knowledge capital

Build and retain your knowledge capital within your organisation through your content, discussion groups and expert commentary, which is digested by our virtual subject matter expert (Training Bot) to ensure that this capital is never lost.

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3 reasons to use SeeSayDo Training BOT

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  1. 1

    Interactive Learning

    Change the way your audience engages

    Introduce a new blended approach to training with a Bot (digital tutor) that guides you through your content and that is a knowledge expert.

  2. 2

    Maximum Reach

    Reach your audience where they are

    Engage your audience where they are through this omni-channel training UI. An LMS BOT that is available on multiple channels without having to now learn a new system.

  3. 3

    Content Friendly

    Built on the SeeSayDo Platform

    Create your intuitive and interactive content easily using the full features of SeeSayDo including our unique methodology built to drive behavioural change.