Secure Unified Omni-Channelled Interactive Controlled Communication

Audience Management

Understanding who you need to engage

Database of Audience

Audience Profiling

Audience Grouping


Soft Engagements

Disseminate and Interact with information

Newsfeeds, Discussion Groups and Forums

Calendar Management with RSVP

Content Management System

Tracking Activities of the Audience

Workflow Management and Allocation

Timesheet management

Soft Engagement

Deep Engagements

Facilitate learning interventions

Content Friendly Authoring

Media Rich Content

AI driven content engine

Content Paths

Consumption Verification enabling the SAY



Call to action for the DO

Timesheet management, Incentivised Engagement, Database of Audience, Audience Profiling, Audience Grouping, Newsfeeds, Discussion Groups and Forums,  Calendar Management with RSVP, Content Management System, Tracking Activities of the Audience, Workflow Management, Workflow Allocation, Timesheet management, Newsfeeds,  Discussion Groups, Forums, Content Friendly Authoring, 
			  Media Rich Content, AI driven content engine, Content Paths, Consumption Verification enabling the SAY,  Assessments, Surveys, Call to action for the DO

Boost engagements

Get encouraged to engage more





Incentivised Engagement

Simple Disbursements and Easy Management

Boost Dashboard

Value Added Features

Get more from your engagement

Business Intelligence

Monitoring and Reporting on organisation’s performance

Payment Gateway

Take payments and grow your organisation.


Omni-channel UI with an automated interactive BOT

Technological Advantage

Do more with your engagements.

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White Labelled Engagement

Fully Configurable Video Player with Adaptive Streaming

Zero Rated/Reverse URL Billing Deployment Ready

Optimised technology to deliver best UX with least data consumption

Cloud based Software-as-a-Service ready for deployment