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What do we do?

SeeSayDo is an engagement platform that enables organizations to manage, interact with and develop their audiences through their preferred channels across all devices.

Our methodology measures what the audience chooses to See, Say and Do on content through our gamified experience, so that the desired behavioral change can happen.

SeeSayDo - What We Do

Engagement Specialists

We define an engagement as an interaction with your audience. There are two types, namely Soft and Deep.

Engagement Specialists

This is underpined by comprehensive audience management allowing you to create more Engaged Audiences and drive Behavioural Change.


Complete Engagement Solution

that allows you to:-

Disseminate and Interact with information

Facilitate learning interventions

Categorise who you need to engage

Encourage more engagement

through a Single Easy-to-use platform

Introducing the first of its kind AI powered Training BOT.
Are you ready to engage your audience?


Engagement Window

Create engagement windows for each type of audience that customises how your audience and organisation interacts with each other through a single platform

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This enables you to create targeted interactions for each audience type (stakeholders), with the primary objective of enhancing their engagements between one another and your organization. Be it conversational responses to a discussion forum, access to business critical information, predefined learning interventions or triggering an approval for a timesheet, this can all be managed through a single platform.

3 reasons to use SeeSayDo

SeeSayDo Reasons
  1. 1

    Ease of Administration

    No additional burden

    From audience management to content friendly creation we have you covered

  2. 2

    Maximum Reach

    Reach your audience where they are

    Engage your audience where they are through this omni-channel platform

  3. 3

    Complete control and monitoring

    Oversight of engagement

    Control access, moderate interaction and monitor all your engagements with powerful business intelligence


From the adage and behavioural change model, the following solutions were developed over the course of our journey: -


We assist businesses, corporates, schools, sports clubs and associations