Soft Engagements

Disseminate and Interact with information

Get your message across

Ensure that your message gets across by engaging your audience through newsfeeds, forums, events and/or the CMS

Hear what your audience is saying

Entice conversations and feedback in a threaded and moderated chat (individually or in a group)

Get things done

Know who has liked and reacted to your content. Know who is attending your events with RSVPs

Deep Engagements

Facilitate learning interventions

Deliver engaging content

We’ve mastered engaging users with media rich content in a user journey that keeps them attentive for longer

Engage on the content

Get feedback on the content delivered or deliver a full assessment to verify the attention paid to content

Getting engaged

Get your audience to apply their learning with a creative Call-to-Action e.g. upload your budget or share this content

Audience Management

Understanding who you need to engage

Know your audience

Onboard, segment and group your audience so that you can find and engage them in the best possible way

Profile your audience

Profile your audience based on their engagement and message them on a channel of their choice at a click of a button

Track your audience

Dashboards of your audience’s activity and performance e.g. Logins, pass rates, progress tracking etc

Boost Engagements

Get encouraged to engage more

Your engagement points

Earn points and badges the more you engage; see how you are fairing against your peers on our Leaderboards

Boost your engagements

Encourage interaction by boosting engagements or providing additional points for desired activities

Claim rewards for points

Incentivize your audience by providing rewards for points earned in the forms or airtime, data, prizes and many more