Imagine having all your stakeholders in your organisation (from employees to board members) in a single platform with all of their relevant information and groups per department where you could communicate on a channel of their choice and moderate their responses.

Having diverse stakeholders with diverse communication channel preferences can make it harder to effectively communicate in a single platform.

Using SeeSayDo Audience Management and Newsfeeds will help to ensure a effective communication through a range of newsfeeds, forums, direct messages and discussion groups while ensuring that your audience is still engaged.

The platform caters for a range of communication channels that we are consistently embracing and improving.

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Communications Solution

Using SeeSayDo, you will realise the following benefits: -

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Omni-channel Communication

Ensure that your message gets across by engaging your audience through newsfeeds, forums, direct messages, discussion groups. Entice conversations and feedback in a threaded chat (individually or in a group) that can be moderated. HTML and WYSIWYG content creator available on Newsfeeds/Articles to clearly articulate the message.

Audience Profiling

Profile your audience based on their engagement and message them on a channel of their choice at a click of a button. Custom Fields available to further profile the audience. Dashboards of your audience’s activity and performance e.g. Logins, pass rates, progress tracking, engagement ranking etc.

Audience Grouping

Onboard, segment and group your audience so that you can find and engage them in the best possible way.