Steering the future of youth by equipping them with a learners and drivers licence (code 1 and/or 2) to improve their employability.

You will never have this much GAS studying for your Learners (code 1 or 2).

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Story boarded with fun real life examples

Rich Media Content with videos illustrating the K53

Over 550 questions based on the real assessment.

Simulated Online Test with additional mock tests to get you ready.

Gear up with this sample content

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Driven was conceptualised to realise the following objectives: -

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Prepare for a Drivers license

Provide unemployed youth with access to free K53 content and verified Instructors preparing for their Drivers License

Improve Pass Rates

Improve the pass rates of youth attempting their Learner and Driver License through our structured learning paths

Work Opportunities

Pair qualified learners with demand side partners for job placements


SeeSayDo proposed that this be done by overlaying our engagement methodology, mobile platform and K53 content with the traditional Driver License funnel, to create a process that provides solutions to the progressive barriers experienced by unemployed youth as they attempt to journey through getting a license. These barriers included access to content and assessments both through the traditional mechanisms and online, access to verified driving instructors and overall support including sources of funding. Some barriers require solutions that only bare results in the longer term because of their systemic nature, whilst others have solutions with immediate to short term impact. This initiative has built in a combination of these solutions across the different phases of the project, in order to measure the impact at each phase as well as build the respective inputs that longer term solutions might require


  • Zero-rated, web-responsive platform
  • Blended learning programme
  • Validation of impact on youth

1156 Learner Licensed students

576 Driver Licensed students

472 Placements completed