Deep Engagements is the ability to interact with your audience to impart knowledge and skills, influence values and beliefs and/or change habits in the form of training interventions.

The environment that organisations operate in today's time has resulted in an increasing need to train and develop employees. As a result, finding new ways to deliver training efficiently is critical. Learning Management Systems and the need thereof has become a major trend.

Using SeeSayDo will ensure effective transfer of skills and knowledge but also drive behavioural change.

We’ve mastered engaging users with media rich content in a user journey that keeps them attentive for longer. Get feedback on the content delivered or deliver a full assessment to monitor attention. Get your audience to apply their learning with a creative Call-to-Action e.g. upload your budget or share this content

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The SeeSayDo Methodology

A practical example of creating a budget as an effective training using our methodology: -


Using articles and media rich content created using our content friendly authoring tool, the principles required to create a budget can be shown.


Using attention verification, assessments can be created to ensure that the principles and concepts have been learnt and well understood.


Ensure that the audience is able to apply their learnings with a creative Call-to-Action, such as upload a budget created for verification by a moderator.

Delivered on the preferred channel to manage audience for them to engage where they feel most comfortable.

Fully Featured Learner Management System

that includes:-

Beyond Mobile Ready

Beyond Mobile Ready with our Training BOT. Let audience decide where they want to train and create greater reach.


Content friendly

Content friendly with rich content template authoring and content paths. Segment your training to the appropriate audience.

Boost engagements

Boost engagements with boosters, gamification and incentivisation to ensure that your audience stays engaged.

Comprehensive Business Intelligence

Comprehensive Business Intelligence for audience and content analysis. We also have the ability to measure the impact of training on performance.

This is underpinned by the SeeSayDo platform that includes Soft Engagements and Audience Management

Training applications

Improve engagement and reach for the following types of training: -

On-boarding Training

Compliance Training

Employee Training

Micro-learning through templatised instructional course authoring

Training Intervention

Using SeeSayDo, you will realise the following benefits: -

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Interactive Learning

Introduce a new blended approach to training with a Bot (tutor) that guides you through your content and that is a knowledge expert.

Maximum Reach

Engage your audience where they are through this omni-channel UI. A BOT that is available on multiple channel without having to now learn a new system

Content Friendly

Create your intuitive and interactive content easily using the full features of SeeSayDo including our unique methodology built to drive behavioural change